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 Moon Goddesses and Gods

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Moon Goddesses

Anahit - Armenian - Part of an astral trinity with Astlik the Star Goddess and Sun God Vahagn.

Artemis - Greek - Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt.

Cerridwen - Welsh - Goddess of the Moon and the Harvest. Also associated with the Goddess in her Crone guise, and thus with the dark of the moon.

Ch'ang O - Chinese - Queen of the Moon. Had her palace on the moon.

Diana - Roman - Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt. Mother figure.

Erzulie-Freda - Voduon - Aspect of Erzulie. Moon Goddess.

Freya - Scandinavian - Moon Goddess and lover of Odin. Also Queen of the Valkyries.

Frigga - Norse - Wife of Odin. Moon Goddess.

Hecate - Greek - Moon Goddess. Specifically, she is a Crone Goddess and is associated with the Dark of the Moon.

Luna - Greek - The Moon Herself.

Selene - Greek - Goddess of the Moon and Logic and Solutions.

Moon Gods
Khensu - Egyptian - God of the Crescent Moon. Depicted as a man with a hawks head with Lunar disk. Thebans considered him a form of Thoth. Associated with growing fertility.

Siva - Indian - Lord of the Cosmic Dance. Associated with the Crescent Moon.

The Goddess is Alive in Us All!
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Moon Goddesses and Gods
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