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 Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses

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lady jessica
lady jessica

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PostSubject: Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses   Tue Nov 04, 2008 10:36 am

Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses

Abgal Seven wise-men and the attending deities of the god Enki.
Adrammelech Babylonian god (possibly of the sun) to whom babies were burned in sacrifice.
Aja Babylonian sun goddess.
Akkan Four Saami goddesses who overseeconception, birth and destiny.
Alauwaimis Demon which drives away evil sickness.
Ama-arhus Babylonian and Akkadian fertility goddess.
Amurru Akkadian god of mountains and nomads.
An Summerian god of heaven.
Anatu Goddess of the earth and sky.
Antu Summerian goddess of creation. Later replaced by Ishtar.
Anu Summerian and Babylonian god of the sky, father of the gods and most powerful deity of the pantheon.
Anunitu Babylonian goddess of the moon. She was later merged with Ishtar.
Apsu Summerian and Akkadian god of the primordial sweet waters - as opposed to the primordial bitter waters of Chaos.
Arazu Babylonian god of completed construction.
Aruru Babylonian goddess of creation.
Ashnan Summerian goddess of grain.
Aya Goddess of dawn.
Baal God of the sun and crop fertility, widely venerated throughout the Fertile Crescent and the Middle East.
Baba Tutelary goddess of the kings of Sumer, and a goddess of motherhood and healing.
Babbar Sumerian sun god. Equatedwith the Babylonian Shamash.
Belet-Ili Summerian goddess of the womb.
Beletseri Akkadian 'clerk' of the Underworld, who kept records of human activities so that she could advise on their final judgment after death. She is called Queen of the Desert.
Dagon vegetation and fertility god.
Damgalnunna Mother goddess.
Dumuzi Summerian form of Tammuz, a god of vegetation, fertility and the Underworld. Possibly the husband of Inanna.
Ea Summerian and Babylonian god of sweet waters, he is the patron of wisdom, magic and medical science.
Ebeh Summerian mountain god.
Ellil Akkadian form of the god Enlil. God of wind and earth.
Enmesarra God of the underworld and the lord of mes - the power underlying society and civilization.
Ennugi God of irrigation and canals.
Ereshkigal Summerian and Akkadian goddess of the dead. She is dark and violent, and possibly was once a sky goddess.
Erra God of war, death and other disasters.


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lady jessica
lady jessica

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PostSubject: Re: Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses   Tue Nov 04, 2008 10:36 am

Gibil Summerian god of light and fire.
Girru Akkadian god of light and fire. He is the messenger of the gods.
Gula Summerian goddess of healing.
Humbaba God of the cedar forest.
Inanna The most important of the Summerian divinities, she is the goddess of love, fertility and war. Her symbol is the eight-pointed star.
Irkalla See Ereshkigal.
Isara Goddess of oaths and queen of judgment.
Ishkhara Babylonian goddess of love.
Ishkur Summerian god of storms and rain.
Ishtar Violent Summerian and Babylonian goddess of love and fertility. She had a habit of attracting lovers and then killing or maiming them.
Kaksisa God of the star Sirius.
Ki Goddess of the earth.
Kulitta Goddess of music.
Kulla The Babylonian god who restores temples.
Kusag God who is high priest of the gods, the patron od priests in Babylonia.
Lahar Summerian god of cattle and sheep.
Lamastu Demon who causes fever and childhood diseases.
Mama Mother goddess.
Mamitu Akkadian goddess of fate and judgment in the Underworld.
Mammetu Babylonian goddess of fate and destiny.
Marduk God of thunderstorms, fertility, and the supreme leader of the gods after defeating Tiamat. Later known as Bel or Baal.
Martu God of destruction by storms and of the steppes.
Mummu Summerian and Babylonian god of craftsmen and technical skill.
Mylitta Babylonian and Assyrian goddess of fertility and childbirth.
Nabu Summerian and Babylonian god of knowledge, writing, and scribe of the gods.
Nammu Summerian goddess of the sea.
Namtar God of the Summerian underworld and the bringer of disease and pestilence to humans.
Nanaja Summerian and Akkadian goddess of sex and war.
Nanna Summerian god of the moon. Equivalent to Babylonian god Sin.
Nanshe Goddess of fertility and water, she was the patron of dreams and prophecy.
Nergal Evil god of the underworld who brings sickness, fear and war on mankind. He is the consort of the death-goddess Ereshkigal.
Nidaba Summerian goddess of learning.
Nin-agal God of smiths.
Ninatta Goddess of music.
Ninazu Babylonian god of magic incantations.
Ninedinna Babylonian goddess of the books of the dead.
Ningirsu Summerian and Babylonian god of rain, fertility and irrigation.
Ningizzida God of healing and magic. Sometimes pictured as a serpent with a human head.
Ninhursag See Ki.
Ninkarrak Goddess of healing.
Ninkasi Summerian goddess of intoxicating drinks, and beer in particular.
Ninlil Goddess of heaven and earth, known as the wind.
Nintur Akkadian goddess of birth.
Ninurta God of rain, fertility, thunderstorms, the plow, floods, wells, and the south wind.
Nisaba Babylonian and Summerian goddess of grain and learning.
Nusku Summerian god of light and fire.
Papsukkel Minister and messenger of the Summerian gods.
Rimmon Babylonian god of storms.
Salbatanu God of the planet Mars.
Samuqan God of cattle.
Sataran Divine judge and healer.
Shamash Summerian god of the sun, judge and law-giver of the people. He is the husband of Ishtar.
Shulpae God of feasting.
Shutu God of illness and the South Wind.
Sibzianna Summerian god of the star Orion.
Siduri Goddess of wine-making and brewing.
Sin Summerian god of the moon, the calendar, and the fixed seasons.
Sulpa'e God of fertility, wild animals and the planet Jupiter.
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lady jessica
lady jessica

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PostSubject: Re: Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses   Tue Nov 04, 2008 10:37 am

Tammuz Akkadian vegetation god and the symbol of death and rebirth in nature. The 'corn king' of Wiccan worship.
Tiamat Dragon-goddess of the primordial waters of Chaos, seen as a great salt sea. Also the enemy of the gods.
Umunmutamku Babylonian deiety who presents offerings to the gods after they have been made by humans.
Uttu Summerian spider-goddess of weaving and clothing.
Zakar Babylonian god of dreams as messages from the gods.
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PostSubject: Re: Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses   

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Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses
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