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 Beaded Snowflakes

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PostSubject: Beaded Snowflakes   Beaded Snowflakes Icon_minitimeWed Nov 19, 2008 12:32 pm

Well, I have been busy working on these. The are actually easy just time consuming.

You need corks (you can get at a craft store or be from bottles of wine). You cut the small ones in 1/2 'n the larger ones can be cut in 3's (so piece is a circle)

You need corsage pins for larger flakes or 1 1/2" pins with circular heads for smaller flakes.

You also need assorted beads (various sizes).

Glitter glue....you can just use silver if you want but you can also get red, blue, gold 'n green.

The actual snowflake :
take a pin 'n place beads on in any way that you desire 'n then push the last 1/8 - 1/4" into the cork. It takes 8 pins to do a snowflake. You can also do it with 10 putting the last 2 on the flat sides of the cork. I did 8 (all evenly spaced) so that they were easier to mail. When the snowflake is done use the glitter glue to coat the cork. Let it dry and then tie fish line to one of the spines.

These are fairly delicate. Be careful not to pull too hard on the tine you are putting the fish line on or it will pull out and ..........welllllll.........you all get the picture but they are beautiful and relatively inexpensive to make.

I did 1/2 with the corsage pins 'n 1/4 with the short pins 'n then the other 1/4 with a combination of corsage 'n short pins. Obviously, the variations are as vast as the snowflakes that fall. Have fun!!!
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Beaded Snowflakes
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