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 June Gods and Godesses

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lady jessica
lady jessica

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June Gods and Godesses Empty
PostSubject: June Gods and Godesses   June Gods and Godesses Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2008 11:27 am

June 1: Carna and Tempesta
June 2: Ishtar
June 7: Vesta
June 8: Vesta and Mens
June 9: through June 13- Vesta

June 14: Vesta, Jagannath, Vidar and Minerva.
June 15: Vesta
June 17: Eurydice
June 18: Anna
June 19: Hera
June 20: Cerridwen
Junev 21: Kupala
June 23: Greenman
June 24: Fortuna
June 26: Salavi
June 27: God of Summer
June 28: Hemera
June 29: Papa Legba
June 30: Aestas and Chicomecoatl
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June Gods and Godesses
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