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 Voodoo Loa

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lady jessica
lady jessica

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PostSubject: Voodoo Loa   Voodoo Loa Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2008 11:21 am

Voodoo Loa

Adjassou-Linguetor Loa of spring water. She has eyes that bulge out and a terrible temper.
Agoué Loa of the sea and patron of fishermen and sailors. His symbol is the drawing of a boat. Sacrifices to him are loaded onto small rafts and set adrift at sea. If the raft sinks, the sacrifice has been accepted.
Agwe Haitian Loa of fish and sea plants, the patron of fishermen and sailors.
Aida-Wedo Loa of fertility and new life, especially conception and childbirth. Wife of Damballa. Known as the Rainbow Snake, she takes a snake form. Her symbol is the rainbow, and her color is white. Sacrifices of white chickens and white eggs are often made to her.
Aizan Loa of the marketplace and herbal healing. She is also the protector of the houngan (temple) and religious ceremonies, who never possesses anyone during ritual. Her symbol is the palm leaf and her colors are white and silver.
Azaca-Tonnerre Loa of thunder and Loa of agriculture and protector of the crops. He is pictured as a peasant carrying a straw bag. His color is blue and cornmeal or corn cakes are sacrificed to him.
Baron Cimetière Loa of the cemetary in the family of Guédé, a group of loas associated with Guédé, the Loa of the Dead.
Baron Samedi Most powerful of the Guédé, he is the loa of death and controls the passageway between the world of the living and the world of the dead. He often has information about the dead. He is one of the Guédé family which associate with the Loa of the dead, Guédé. His color is black and he prefers a top hat and dark glasses. He likes cigarettes, food, and rum in which 21 hot peppers have been steeped.
Baron-La-Croix Loa of the cross in the family of Guédé, a group of loas associated with Guédé, the Loa of the Dead.
Brigitte Loa of money, who has special influence over black magic and ill-gotten fortune. Similar to the Catholic St. Brigid. Her color is purple and black chickens are sacrificed to her.
Bugid Y Aiba The Loa of war on Haiti and Puerto Rico.
Damballah-Wedo Father of the loa, he represents the ancestral knowledge that forms the foundation of Vodou. He is the loa of new life and fertility. A snake Loa who lives in trees near springs. On Haiti he is called Bon Dieu ("good Loa"). His symbols are the snake and the asson, and his color is white. White chickens and eggs are sacrificed to him.
Dan Petro The Haitian loa of farmers. He originated from the African Loa Danh.
Diable Tonnere Loa of thunder in Haiti.
Erzulie Loadess of Love. Loa of love, beauty, purity and romance, elemental forces, dancing, flowers, jewels, and pretty clothes. On her fingers she wears three wedding rings, her three husbands being Damballa, the serpent Loa, Agwe, Loa of the sea and Ogoun the warrior hero. She is the most-loved of the loa, and can influence romance, marriage, good fortune and artistic endeavors. Her symbol is the heart and her colors are pink and blue. Sweets, perfumes, desserts and white doves are sacrificed to her.
Erzulie Dantor The dark aspect of Erzuile. She is the loa of jealousy and vengance, and is often cruel. Her symbol is the heart pierced by a dagger and her colors are red and black.
Grand Bois Loa of the forest. Represents the forces of nature in Haitian religion.
Grand Maître The original supreme being of Haitian religion. Practitioners of Vodou consider him too remote for personal worship.
Guédé The Loa of the Dead. Also refers to a Group of loa that associate with Guédé and are considered members of his family. He is a very wise man for his knowledge is an accumulation of the knowledge of all the deceased. He stands on the center of all the roads that lead to Guinee, the afterworld. Guédé is represented as an undertaker, dressed completely in black wearing dark glasses.
La Sirène An aspect of Erzuile who represents the sea. She is seen as a mermaid.
Legba The most powerful of all the loa and the guardian of the gate between the material world and the world of the loas. He also has great wisdom and knowledge of the past and future. Every ritual begins with a sacrifice to Legba. He is the guardian of the sun and his color is black.
Lemba A deity, of Congo religion, worshipped in the African cults of Haiti and Brazil.
Limba One of the Haitian loa, believed to live among the rocks. He has an insatiable appetite and persecutes and kills people. He then eats them. Even his own devotees are not safe from his hunger.
L'inglesou A Haitian loa who lives among rocks and ravines. He is said to kill those who offend him.
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lady jessica
lady jessica

Posts : 212
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PostSubject: Re: Voodoo Loa   Voodoo Loa Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2008 11:21 am

Loco A tree Loa, and patron of plants and healers. He is one of the loa in the Caribbean voodoo-religion. An aspect of Legba, he is the master of the hounfort (temple) and loa of medicine and the healing arts.
Mait' Carrefour Loa of magicians. The Haitian lord of crossroads. Loa who stands in balance to Legba. He is the loa of night and misfortune, who brings bad luck and illness to the world. His symbol is the crossroads and his color is black.
Maman Brigitte The Haitian voodoo Loadess who protects the graves in cemeteries that are marked with the cross. Her masculine counterpart is Ghede (Baron Samedi).
Marassa The sacred twins, considered to have balance and be two parts of the same whole. Saluted at every ritual.
Marinette Powerful and violent loa of the Petro family.

Mombu Mombu is a stammering loa who causes storms of torrential rain.
Nago Shango Nago Shango is one of the more powerful loa in Haitian religion.
Ogoun In Haitian religion, a powerful warrior and the loa of all things male, including warfare, politics, fire, lightning, thunder, iron and metalworking. His symbol is the sword and his color is red. Sacrifices of red roosters, tobacco, and rum poured on the ground and set afire are made to him. He is the patron Loa of smiths' fire. The machete or sable is his attribute.
Ogoun Badagris Aspect of Ogoun who represents the phallus.
Ogoun Fer Aspect of Ogoun who represents stability and order.
Ogoun Shango Aspect of Ogoun who represents lightning. He is decended from the Nigerian Loa Shango, Loa of fire and lightning.

Papa Legba The Haitian voodoo Loa who acts as an intermediary between the loa and humans. He is also the Loa of the crossroads; he opens the road to the spirit world. He taught mankind the use of oracles and how to interpret them. Papa Legba is commonly depicted as an old man sprinkling water or an old man with a crutch, and is also known as Legba or Legba Ati-Bon. In any vodoun ceremony, Legba is the first loa invoked, so that he may "open the gate" for communication between the worlds.The dog is his symbolic animal.
Petro The Petro are a group of spirits which are easily annoyed. They are symbolized by a whip. Family of loa who represent the dark, agressive side of life. Many of the loa have an aspect in both the Petro and the Ranga family. These loa are often violent or angry, and can ask a high price for their services. They originated in Hati during the times of slavery.
Pie A loa which is held responsible for making floods. Pie, a grave soldier, lies at the bottom of ponds and rivers.
Rada The benevolent and gentle loa who originated in Africa. They are the protectors of the people and their worship follows the traditional African ries of the loa.
Simbi Loa of rainfall and fresh water, he oversees the making of charms. Simbi is one of the three cosmic serpents of Haitian voodoo-religion, the water-snake loa. His color is green and his symbol is the water snake. Speckeled roosters are sacrificed to him.
Sobo A voodoo spirit, particularly of thunder, one of the a loa. Sobo looks like a handsome soldier.
Sousson-Pannan In Haitian voodoo Sousson-Pannan is an evil and very ugly loa whose body is all covered with sores. He is known to drink liquor and blood.
Ti Jean Quinto In Haitian religion, Ti Jean Quinto is an insolent spirit who lives under bridges. He usually assumes the form of a policeman.
Ti-Jean Petro A Haitian snake deity, the son of Dan Petro.
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Voodoo Loa
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