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 Chinese Gods and Goddesses

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lady jessica
lady jessica

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PostSubject: Chinese Gods and Goddesses   Chinese Gods and Goddesses Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2008 10:37 am

Chinese Gods and Goddesses

Ba Daughter of Heaven. Symbol of drought.
Ba Xian "Eight Immortals" of Taoist mythology, and among the best known deities of China. The deities of the Ba Xian represent eight conditions of human existence: youth, old age, poverty, wealth, the populace, nobility, masculine and feminine.
Bixia Yuanjin Taoist Goddess of dawn, destiny and childbirth.
Cai-shen God of prosperity in both Taoist and folk religion. Usually seen riding a black tiger. He has a black face and a thick mustache, and wears a helmet of iron.
Cao Guo-jiu One of the Ba Xian, or eight immortals of Taoist myth. He became a hermit from shame, and became an immortal after being taught the secret of perfection. He is the patron of actors.
Cheng-huang Deities who protect and help the cities under their care. They ward off disaster and bring rain and a bountiful harvest. The are also said to escort the souls of their citizens safely to Heaven.
Chu Jiang King of the second Hell of Taoist belief, the hell of thieves and murderers. It is believed to be a large lake of ice.
Dha-shi-zhi Female bodhisattva of Chinese Buddhism. She broke the cycle of rebirth for all through the power of her love. In the heavenly paradise, souls appear before her in the shape of flowers.

Di-cang One of the four great bodhisattvas of Chinese Buddhism. He liberates souls which dwell in the various hells, and can take on six forms to help beings of the six modes of existence. Depicted as a monk with a staff in his right hand with six rings on it and a wish fulfilling jewel in his left.
Di-guan Ruler of the Earth in religious Taoism. Forgives sins and transgressions.
Dong-yue da-di Helper of the sky god Yu-huang. Supervises the lives of living creatures from birth to death.

Dou-mu Goddess who supervises the register where all births and deaths are recorded. She is worshipped by those wishing a long life and personal compassion. Portrayed sitting on a lotus throne and has four heads, with three eyes in each, and eight arms.
Er-lang Guardian god who dispels evil spirits by setting the Hounds of Heaven on them.
Fan-kui God of butchers.
Fei Lian God of the winds. Depicted as a dragon with the head of a stag and tail of a snake.
Feng Bo 'Earl of the Wind'. Human form of Fei Lan.
Feng Po-po Goddess of the Wind.
Fu-xing God of happiness, one of the San-xing. Often seen in the blue clothes of a civil servant and in the company of children, or in his symbolic form of a bat.
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lady jessica
lady jessica

Posts : 212
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PostSubject: Re: Chinese Gods and Goddesses   Chinese Gods and Goddesses Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2008 10:38 am

Gao Yao Ancient god of judgment. Often accompanied by a ram.
Gong De Tian Goddess of luck. Holds a wish fulfilling pearl in her left hand.
Gong Gong Demon responsible for the great floods. The opponent of the high ruler.
Gou Mang Messenger of the sky-god. Associated with the East, springtime and happiness.

Guan-di Taoist god of war. One of the most well-known of Chinese deities, he opposes all disturbers of the peace and protects the realm from all enemies, both external and internal. Pictured as a nine-foot tall giant with a two-foot long beard, red face, the eyes of a phoenix and eyebrows of silkworms. Also the patron of literature, rulers, and bean-curd sellers.
Gui Xian A magical being, the turtle Gui Xian is the symbol of happiness.
Gun An earth god. When he failed to stop the great flood by building dams, was degraded to an associate of the demon Gong Gong.
Han Chinese river god of the Han river.
Han Xian-zi One of the popular Ba Xian. Usually portrayed holding a flute, basket of flowers or a peach.
He Bo A powerful river god. Girls were thrown into rivers in ancient China as sacrifices to him, the 'Brides of He Bo'.
He Xian-gu The only female member of the Ba Xian.
Heng O Chinese moon Goddess and symbol of the Yin. Often portrayed in beautiful robes with her hand on the lunar disc.
Hou Ji God of Millet.
Hou Tu God of earth and soil.
How-chu God of the air.
How-too Ancient earth god. Seen as a monster who lives in mountains and rivers.
Hu Jing-de Guardian god.
Huang Fei-hu Originally an earth god, became a mountain god who rules the mountain of Tai Shan in eastern China. He judges the souls of the deceased who come to his mountain.
Huang-lao Taoist deity. Named for the founders of Taoism, Huang-di and Lao-zi, they have been combined as a single deity and worshipped since the 2nd century BC.
Huang-lao-jun Important deity of early Taoism. He is said to have returned to earth several times as the great teachers of Taoism in order to spread the word about the Tao. One of these incarnations is believed to be Lao-Zi.
Ji Nu Goddess of the stars.
Jian Lao God of the earth and permanence.
Jin Jia God of literature. He punishes wicked scholars and waves a flag before the homes of families whose descendants will achieve high honor in the Imperial Examinations.
Kui-xing Stellar god. In charge of issuing official testimonials.
Kwan Yin Also Guan Yin. One of the great bodhisattvas of Chinese Buddhism, Kwan Yin is seen as the patron of mercy and childless women. Often depicted as the thousand-eyed and thousand-armed, or holding a child.
Lan Cai-he One of the Ba Xian. Depicted as dressed in rags, wearing a belt made of black wood, and wearing a boot on one foot while the other one is bare. In summer he would wear a thick overcoat but dress lightly in winter. His breath is like hot steam.
Lao-jun Deified form of Lao-zi, one of the founders of Taoism.
Lei-gong Chinese god of thunder. Depicted as having the beak, wings and claws of an owl, although his body is in the shape of a human. Carries a drum and hammer.
Lei-zi Goddess of thunder. Taught the Chinese the art of breeding silkworms.
Li Tie-guai One of the Ba Xian. Depicted as crippled in one leg and using a crutch.

Ling-bao tian-zong Ruler of the Second Heaven of Taoist teachings. Guardian of magical writings. He calculates time and regulates the yin and yang.
Liu Bei God of basket makers and straw shoe sellers.
Long-wang The Dragon Kings, gods of funerals and rain.
Lu Ban God of carpenters.
Lu Dong-bin One of the Ba Xian of Taoism. Considered compassion to be the main way of attaining perfection.
Lu-xing God of the imperial star. Also god of literature. As the star of Honor, he is also a member of the San-xing.
Ma Wang God of horses.
Ma-mian Bureaucrat of the underworld.
Men-shen Two gods who guard the double-doorways of Chinese dwellings and public buildings.
Mo-hi-hai God of water.
Mu Gong Taoist god of immortality and 'Lord of the East'. The embodiment of Yang.
Mu-king God of fire.
Niu Wang God of cattle.
NĂ¼-gua Goddess who created the first human beings from yellow mud. The intermediary between men and women, and the granter of children.
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lady jessica
lady jessica

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PostSubject: Re: Chinese Gods and Goddesses   Chinese Gods and Goddesses Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2008 10:39 am

Pa God of drought.
Pa-cha God who protects crops from locusts.
Pan Jin Lian Goddess of fornication and prostitutes.
Pan-gu Primordial giant who created the earth.
Qi Gu-niang Goddess venerated by girls wanting to know who they will marry.
Ru Shou Messenger of the sky-god. Associated with Autumn, the west and misfortune.
San-qing The three Taoist heavens and the three immortals who inhabit them.
San-xing Three stellar gods of good fortune. Fu-xing (Lucky Star), Lu-xing (Star of Honor) and Shou-xing (Star of Longevity).
Shen Yi Sun god. Also known as the Heavenly Archer, for shooting nine of the ten suns with arrows in order to stop the scorching of the earth. Often portrayed with a sun in his hand.
Shen-nung God who created the plow and taught man the arts of agriculture and medicine. Patron of pharmacists.
Shou-lao Taoist god of good luck and longevity. Popular name of Shou-xing, the Star of Longevity.
Shou-xing Deity of the stars, considered the god of longevity. Portrayed with an enormous bald head, supporting himself on a staff, and carrying the peach of longevity. He is a member of the San-xing.
Shui-guan God of water and overcoming of obstacles.
Si-ming God of Fate, who determines the life span of each individual. Has two books: the Book of Death, for those who must die, and the Book of Life for the immortals.
Song Di King of the third hell of Chinese legend. Punishes those guilty of unofficial behavior, disobedience, disloyalty, and rebellion.
Song-zi niang-niang Goddess who bestows children.
Sun-pi God of cobblers.
Tai-sui-xing God of time and the planets.
Tai-yi The supreme deity of some Chinese mythologies.
Tai-yue da-di Ruler of earth and mankind in Taoist faith. Decides the life span, reincarnation, wealth, progeny, and status of all individuals.
Tao-de tian-zong Heavenly ruler of the most supreme of Taoist heavens. He teaches the wisdom of the Tao to earthlings.
Tian Hou Goddess of the sky and protector of fishermen.
Tian-guan Ruler of Heaven and a god of good luck, wealth and good fortune.
Tian-mu Goddess of lightning.
Tu-di Gods of small areas, such as streets, districts and public buildings. Keeps a record of the lives and death of all inhabitants in his area.
Wang Mu niang-niang Goddess and keeper of the Peaches of Immortality.
Wei Cheng Guardian of the back door of homes and public buildings.
Wei-tuo God of teaching.
Wen-chang Taoist god of literature and writing, often called on by scholars to assist them in their labors.
Wen-shu One of the four great bodhisattvas of China. Proclaimed the Buddhist teachings in China.
Wu Guan King of the fourth hell, known as the Lake of Blood. Punishes counterfeiters and cheats.
Xi Shi Goddess of merchants who sell face creams and perfumes.
Xi Wang-mu Goddess of immortality and embodiment of the element of Yin.
Xian Being who has attained physical immortality in religious Taoism.
Yang Jing Goat god, protects his patrons from wild animals.
Yan-lo God of the dead and lord of the fifth hell. Punishes those in his domain by memory of things past.
Yao-shi Chinese Buddha who is dedicated to saving lives, healing wounds and curing disease.
Yen-lo-wang Earth god.
Yi-Ti God of wine.
Yuan-shi tian-zong "Celestial Venerable of the Primordial Beginning", literally the creator of all things in Heaven and earth. Considered eternal, limitless and invisible.
Yu-huang The Jade Emperor of Chinese mythology, he rules over all of heaven and Earth. His administrators are the Cheng-huang and Tu-di, as well as other deities in charge of wind, rain, thunder, love, war, etc. The most powerful and revered of Chinese gods.
Yu-qiang God of the sea and the ocean winds.
Zao-jun God of the heart, home and family in Chinese folk religion.
Zhang Fei A god of butchers.
Zhang Xian Bestower of male offspring on those who follow him.
Zhi Song-zi God of rain.
Zhi-ni Goddess of spinners, who wove the robes of all other divinities.
Zhong kui Taoist god of the afterlife and exorcism.
Zhu Rong God of fire and ruler of the South.
Zi-yu God who invented war and weapons.
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Chinese Gods and Goddesses
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