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 Gods and Goddesses of the Mayans

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Gods and Goddesses of the Mayans Empty
PostSubject: Gods and Goddesses of the Mayans   Gods and Goddesses of the Mayans Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2008 10:26 am

Gods and Goddesses of the Mayans

Ac Yanto God of White Men.
Acan God of Wine.
Acat God of tattooers.
Ah Bolom Tzacab God of agriculture and the lord of the rain and thunder. Portrayed with a leaf in his nose. Also known as 'God K'.
Ah Cancum God of hunting.
Ah Chun Caan Teaching god of the city of Merida.
Ah Chuy Kak War god.
Ah Ciliz God of solar eclipses.
Ah Cun Can A war god known as the Serpent Charmer.
Ah Cuxtal God of birth.
Ah Hulneb War god.
Ah Kin Sun god and the controller of drought and disease.
Ah Kumix Uinicob Attendant water gods.
Ah Mun God of maize or corn.
Ah Muzencab Gods of bees.
Ah Peku God of thunder.
Ah Puch God of death and ruler of Mitnal, the lowest and most terrible of the nine hells. Portrayed as a man with an owl's head or as a skeleton or bloated corpse. Also known as 'God A'.
Ah Tabai A god of hunting.
Ah Uincir Dz'acab God of healing.
Ah Uuc Ticab Deity of the underworld.
Ahau-Kin Called the 'lord of the sun face'. The god of the sun, he possessed two forms - one for the day and one at night. During the day he was a man with some jaguar features, but between sunset and sunrise he became the Jaguar God, a lord of the underworld who travelled from west to east through the lower regions.
Ahmakiq God of agriculture who takes control of the wind when it threatens to destroy the crops.
Ahulane A war god, known as the Archer.
Ajbit One of thirteen deities who created human beings.
Akhushtal Goddess of childbirth.
Alaghom Naom Mother goddess of the Mayans. She is associated with the creation of the mind and of thought.
Alom God of the sky and one of seven deities responsible for the creation of the world.
Bacabs Giants who hold up the sky at the four cardinal points, they are: Cauac, Ix Kan and Mulac.
Backlum Chaam God of male sexuality.
Balam Mayan for 'jaguar', these deities are the protectors of individuals in their daily lives, and of the community from external menaces.
Bitol One of the seven Mayan creator deities.
Bolontiku A group of deities of the underworld.
Buluc Chabtan God of war. He was the deity to whom humans were sacrificed. Also known as 'God F'.
Cabaguil One of the deities who created the world. Known as the 'Heart of the Sky'.
Cakulha Deiety of the lesser lightning bolts.
Camaxtli God of Fate.
Camazotz Bat-god, he was ultimately defeated by humans.
Caprakan God of mountains and earthquakes.
Cauac One of the four Bacabs, he is associated with the South and the color Red.
Chac God of agriculture and rain. Later worshipped as one of the Bacabs, associated with the East. He is pictured with curling fangs, a long turned-up nose and tears streaming from his eyes.
Chac Uayab Xoc God of fish. He had a dual nature - he provided a good catch for fishermen, but also devoured their drowned comrades.
Chamer God of death, he was principally worshipped in Guatemala.
Chaob Gods of the wind, associated with the cardinal directions.
Chibirias Earth goddess.
Chiccan Rain gods associated with the four cardinal directions. They create rain from the lakes in which they live.
Cit Bolon Tum God of Medicine.
Cizin God of death. He burns the dead in the Mayan underworld.
Colel Cab Earth Goddess.
Colop U Uichkin Sky God.
Coyopa God of thunder.
Cum Hau Death god.
Ekchuah God of war, he was seen as firece and violent. He is also the god of merchants, and was often pictured carrying a bag of merchandise. Also known as 'God M'.
Ghanan God of agriculture.
Gucumatz Serpent god who brought civilization and agriculture to man.
Hacha'kyum The Lacandon Maya god of real people. People who were not Lacandon Maya were not considered to be real.
Hun Came Co-ruler of the Mayan Underworld.
Hun Hunahpu A fertility god, he was so fertile that after being beheaded, his severed head was placed on a barren gourd which immediately began to bear fruit.
Hunab Ku Supreme god and creator of the world. He was the chief deity of the Mayans.
Hurakan Ancient god of wind and storm. He brings the displeasure of the gods to humans in the form of winds, storms and floods.
Itzamna Founder of the Mayan culture and the state-god of the empire. He taught the people writing, heling and the use of the calendar. Also known as 'God D'.
Itzananohk`u God of Lacandon.
Ix One of the four Bacabs. He is associated with the West and the color black.
Ix Chebel Yax See Ixchel.
Ixchel Earth and moon goddess, she is the patron of weaving and pregnant women. Pictured with a smanke as a headband and a skirt embroidered with crossbones.
Ixtab Goddess of the noose and the gallows, she is the patron of those who died by suicide. She is pictured as a woman hanging from a tree by a noose, here eyes closed and her body partly decomposed.
Ixzaluoh Water goddess who invented weaving.
Kan One of the Bacabs, he is associated with the East and the color yellow.
Kan-u-Uayeyab Guardian of the cities.
Kan-xib-yui God who recreated the earth afte the Bacabs destroyed it.
Kianto The Lacandon god of foreigners and diseases.
K'in Sun god.
Kinich Ahau Sun god portrayed as a firebird or phoenix. Similar to the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.
Kukulcan Supreme god, the master of the four elements and the god of resurrection and reincarnation. He is pictured as a feathered serpent, very similar to the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.
Mulac One of the Bacabs, he is associated with the North and the color white.
Naum God of the mind and thought.
Nohochacyum God of creation.
Tlacolotl God of evil.
Tohil Fire god.
Tzakol Sky god.
Votan God of the drum.
Xaman Ek God of the north star, he is the protector of merchants and travellers. Offerings were made to him on altars erected beside roads.
Yaluk The most powerful of the lightning gods.
Yum Caax God of maize and agriculture. He is the personification of male beauty. Also known as 'God E'.
Zotz Bat-god of caves, he is the patron of the Zotzil Indians of Mexico.
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Gods and Goddesses of the Mayans
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