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 A bit about SifGreyWillow...

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PostSubject: A bit about SifGreyWillow...   Wed May 13, 2009 4:14 am

Hmmm, an introduction huh?
I've been married since I was 17, we'll celebrate our 31st anniversary last October 29th.
I'm a mother to 3 grown children, one boy and two girls.
We enjoy our six grandchildren, 3 of each.
We live in the majestic state of Alaska, for over 14 years now.
In the Matanuska-Susitna valley, where we grow those gigantic veggies.
We have our own home on a piece of property, a little less than 3 acres.
We have 2 gardens, one for food and one for flowers, a greenhouse and a barn.
We border a pond that's a little less than 5 acres and there's a natural spring on the property.
We share our place with several ferrel cats, ducks, geese, hawks, moose and even an eagle.
I have been doing siggies for about 6 years now, later on I started doing pages too.
I love to craft! I do crotchet, cross stitch, quilting, beading, and such.
I love nature!
I do gardening, dry herbs and plants and flowers, do canning, go fish, and go berry picking.
I've been a practicing Wiccan & Witch since my year and a day closed and I did my self dedication on June 14th 1997.
I'm a practicing Solitary. Although I have performed rituals with other witches and Wiccans.
I've participated in several group ceremonies, once in person and several times over the net.
I'm a Piesces born on the cusp of Aquarius, which means I favor some Aquarian traits.
I'm an sympathetic empath, and healer.
I do past life readings, personality readings and Tarot readings.
I'm a practicing Aromatherapist and am studying herbology.
I think that about covers it. LOL!
If you have a any questions, feel free to ask.
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lady jessica

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PostSubject: Re: A bit about SifGreyWillow...   Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:10 am

well darn...all my replies are going somewhere in cyber space. its a pleasure to meet you. your house sounds like a dream that i would love to have. i hope you enjoy it here and i look forward to hearing from you and looking at all your information.
lady jessica
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A bit about SifGreyWillow...
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