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 Daily Devotionals

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PostSubject: Daily Devotionals   Daily Devotionals Icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2008 2:58 am

Daily Devotionals are times in the day that we take out to attune ourselves with Divinity. They can be complex meditations or just a moment to close your eyes and recognize the Gods' presence.

The Pentagram

I like to use this one upon rising in the morning.
Ground and center. Lay down or stand with feet apart and arms straight out from your sides to form a pentagram. Relax. First attune yourself with your left arm, the element of Earth on the pentagram. Feel yourself glowing with green healing light from the Earth. Invite and needed energies having to do with Earth. Invite any needed energies having to do with Earth that you would like to be a part of your life right now. Continue this moving to your left leg, right leg, right arm, then your head, corresponding it with the appropriate element for each. Now feel Divine white light entering from these five points and melding them all together in the never-ending circle. You may also return any light by visualizing it exiting from these points and returning to the Earth to ground and center.

Quick Noon Devotional

Sit outside. Ground and center. Feel the warm sun energy of God kiss your face. Feel yourself connected with the Earth Goddess and all about you.

Sunset Devotional

Sit outside or by a window where you can watch the sunset. Breathe in its peaceful, colorful energies and breathe out all stresses and negativity. Continue until it's healing light has cleansed your body, mind and spirit. Welcome the moon's coming light.

Chakra Devotional

Best performed before sleep.
Lay down and feel your weight evenly distributed to both sides of your body. Feel the ground beneath you, supporting all of your body and let go. Open all your chakras, one by one, starting at the bottom working up. Feel all of them in balance throughout your body and spirit. Now accept all of the loving Divine energies enter your center and travel through your head and feet, meeting at the middle and combining throughout your entire being. Thank the Gods for their energy and return it to Them. Now speak with them about whatever you wish. Ground and center.

Before Meals

God and Goddess
Send from above
To this meal
Your peace and love
Blessed Be!
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Daily Devotionals
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