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 Glitter Ornaments

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lady jessica
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PostSubject: Glitter Ornaments   Glitter Ornaments Icon_minitimeWed Nov 05, 2008 12:29 pm

Glitter Ornaments

Waxed paper or aluminum foil
Elmers Glue

Have your child draw design on a piece of waxed
paper or foil using the glue; a star, moon,
snowflake, etc. Make sure that all of the lines
connect. Put the piece of waxed paper or foil into
a box or something that will contain the glitter,
then pour the glitter onto the glue. Let it set
awhile, then peel off the paper or foil and shake
off excess glitter - be careful if the glue picture
has big globs of glue, you might want these to dry
a little longer before shaking. Let the whole thing
dry for a couple of hoursor more, depending on how
thick the glue was. Then peel off the waxed paper
backing, and you have a glitter ornament.
Attach a piece of string, thread, yarn for hanging.
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Glitter Ornaments
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