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 July Months

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PostSubject: July Months   July Months Icon_minitimeWed Nov 05, 2008 5:09 am

July is named for Julius Caesar.
NATURE SPIRITS: faeries of the crops, hobgoblins
HERBS: honeysuckle, agrimony, lemon balm, hyssop
COLORS: Blue, gray and silver
SCENTS: orris and frankincense
STONES: pearl, moonstone, white agate
TREES: Oak, acacia, ash
ANIMALS: Crab, turtle, dolphin and whale
BIRDS: starling, ibis, swallow
DEITIES: Khepera, Athene, Juno, Hel, Holda, Cerridwen, Venus
POWER/ADVICE: July is strong in relaxed energy. A time to prepare
do dream scaping, divination, meditation, and goals in
the spiritual realm.

The Goddess is Alive in Us All!
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July Months
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